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Abstract Render Pack 01 by BVision Abstract Render Pack 01 by BVision
If you download these renders Please Favorite This File
so that others can download them too.

Abstract Render Pack 01 - BVision

This is a .PSD file, so all you have to do is drag and drop the layers into your new photoshop document.

Created for Photoshop 7,
500px+ dimensions for almost all,
72 dpi

2 USE -----

1) Make sure you have photoshop 7+
2) Favorite the file
3) Download the Deviation
5) Open photoshop + Create a new Doc
6) Open this file
7) And drag the render layer to your new document stage - It's just that easy.
8) Have fun & Enjoy them

These renders were used in: Shadow Collective

These renders are free for anything you want
But you must favorite this file to use freely

I would like to see any work that you do with these renders.
Just post the link in here.
I hope you enjoy them.
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Idichidator Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
thx bro
pachito90 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
nice renders guy!!!!!!!!!!! i will do i little photomontage with them and i add your stock in it, coming soon i will tell you the result........... thanks man
Patnov Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
i'll start using them in some avatars (200x200) and some sigs... THX for sharing =)
jaxcullen Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
One of the best render packs I've seen. I'm quite sure it's going to be my new "go-to" pack. Very nice. Well done. :)
RDSfxDesigns Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
We of ReverseDesigns think you are realy talented at rendering.

We would like to ask you , if you are willing to join our website. We are looking for talented render makers.
And i think you are talented at it . Check out our website we have a active friendly comunnity . that is waiting for talented artist like you.
hodroge Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
Human-born-on-mars Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
super cool
inkmlab Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you!
alphaneotek Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
these are really nice and I really like everyones use of them. Props n Respect!

-ignorance is bliss but only within the matrix!
cynicdesign Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Really cool man.
I used it here : [link]

Thanks very much.
Do you have more of these?
winklepickers Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
I used one here. [link]
Thank you very much. :)
iandscorpio Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Khanan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you again, I'm in love with these renders, to the point that I want to include them in every piece I do.

They have been used here, hope you like them ^_^:

SoundWave [link]

Generic IV [link]

Cancerous [link]

Generic X [link]
winklepickers Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010
Thank you again. :) I used one here.[link]
winklepickers Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010
I made this also.[link]
Thank you very much. :)
winklepickers Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010
Used again here.
[link] Thank you. :)
winklepickers Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010
Thank you. I made this. :)
Khanan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, faved and used here [link]
Carligfx Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009
Used them here [link] :)

Thank You.
designatacfelo Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2009
Thanks, yourMaster
cees67 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
Brukhar Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
Featured here: [link]
mimiayako Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2008
Love the brushes~

Amorke Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
nice, i'll link what i did with it :)
oligoelement Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
thanks for sharing!!
scottapotamas Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2008
Gabryellalf Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2008
Thanks a lot for you renders, they're great!! I faved them and I used them here [link] and here [link]

Thanks again :)
SynergyDigital Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2008
Nice One.... Thanks
Gimles Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
I just wanted to let you know that you have been entered in a little contest I'm holding, check it out here.

If you have any objections just let me know
RTDnoob Featured By Owner May 1, 2007
i just loaded 'em
damn good dude
xnepstarx Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
muy bonitos renders. Me los descargo ^^ jojojo gracias
avalloney Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2006

That's what I did with it. Awesome pack, man.
APerfectLie-NipTuck Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2005
BVision Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2005
Thanks. ;)

Glad that you like it.
hkeat Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2005
nice render pack and here's what i done with it > [link]
BVision Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
Nice work, thanks...


I'm always happy to see what others have done.
hkeat Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2005
achrintist Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not shure what these could be used by me.
But so i downloaded it i'll favorite it.

(Yes I know they are to be used in photoshop)
BVision Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005
Thanks for the :+fav: ;)
Fardunwaith Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2005
Thanks for the great renders, this is a wallpaper i made, im still messing with it, but thanks again...

Blue Blaze
BVision Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
You are very welcome for the pack - Use it wisely - hahaha.
Thanks for the mention in the description.
I've given you a critique.
ProdigyArt Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2004
hey thanks for the pack i needed some renders till i get my stuff together with 3ds max i use lightwave and it sucks for abtract renders. how can people not get the instructions lol so easy oh well i used your renders for this piece [link] hope i didnt let you down. C ya

Chris Boettin
Spartan135 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
Hey i cant get my brushes onto my art in photoshop, can you hlep me, i dont get the instructions!!
Spartan135 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
dude, i downloaded em, but i cant figure out how to get em onto my photoshop work!! can anyone help say it clearer....cause i dont get what you are saying Bvision sorry...
BVision Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2004
Ok, first things first - are you using photoshop 7 or later?
if so, good.

If not, it wont work.

Now, if you are using photoshop 7 +, if you downloaded my brushes, it's a little more tricky, if your talking about my render pack ^^^^ then all you have to do is open up the file and drag layers to your new document.

for the brushes, you must put the .abr file in your photoshop 7 program folder, in the presets > brushes folder and then restart photoshop. :)
Spartan135 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
when i click on the file to open it, it says you cant open this file type....and it can be opened with photoshop,

the thing i dont understand is, how do yo drag the layers.
BVision Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2004
what you have to do is very simple, just like in windows - how you drop and drag things into particular folders.

You open my render file and you create a new document anysize you want and then just select the abstract render file and select the layer you want and the simply drag to your document and modify as usual. :)

You 'could' just modify the abstract render file, however, you run the risk of messing up the origional. So, you might want to make a duplicate of the abstract render file and then just modify that file as you would your new document.

There are many ways to use them.
I just find it extremely easy to just drop and drag the layers over to my document, then close the resource file.

It's really just that simple. :)
aleaja Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used a few of the render pieces in my newest practice piece. I plan to use more of them in the future on other projects. I credited you in the description. Here is the link, if you would like to see: [link]

Also, forgive the "newbish" look, but I'm still quite new to this stuff and still practicing.

Thanks for providing such beautiful renders! <3
donniedubson Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2004
I think IŽll be able to make someting nice outa these.
IŽll submit soon
and thanks
tHEgOVERNATOR Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
definitely gona dl it

u r the master of abstract
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